Perk Labs Adds Two New Features to Perk Hero: Delivery and Refer-A-Friend

Vancouver, Canada / May 29, 2020 / Perk Labs Inc. (CSE:PERK / OTCQB:PKLBF / FKT:PKLB) (“Perk Labs” or the “Company”) the parent company of Perk Hero, the all-in-one mobile ordering, contact-free payments and loyalty app, announced today that Perk Hero has added two new features including a convenient delivery option and an innovative, in-app “refer-a-friend” program that rewards referrals and fuels business growth.

“We believe our refer-a-friend feature is a valuable addition to Perk Hero, given the amount of purchases that are now made on mobile,” said Perk Hero’s CEO Jonathan Hoyles. “It’s a clear and simple proposition that benefits everyone involved, consumers and retailers alike. When users refer a friend, they’ll receive rewards each time their friend makes a purchase. This provides an incentive for users and “super connectors” such as social media influencers to use referral links when recommending a particular business.”

The worldwide pandemic has led to a marked increase in ‘retail to go’ — consumers using apps to place and pay for an order for delivery or pickup. As a result, retailers are rapidly adapting to the changing retail landscape, boosting their mobile marketing, introducing contactless payments and rolling out QR codes to attract more consumers and increase retail volume. SMBs, in particular, are looking for turnkey solutions that don’t involve additional hardware or expensive payment acceptance technologies.

Perk Hero is ideally positioned to provide SMBs with an affordable alternative to a variety of high commission delivery platforms. It aims to change the current landscape by giving restaurants and other retailers the ability to offer their own area delivery, while providing loyalty rewards and ongoing engagement opportunities to customers for their patronage.

“As a busy meal preparation service, our business relies heavily on pick up, takeout and delivery orders,” said Nick Haddad of Farmer’ “We’re very happy to hear that Perk Hero has added this feature.”

Raj Khaira-Bassi, owner of Spicy 6 restaurant added, “Considering our location and the density of the Vancouver core, offering delivery is just one of the ways we provide value to our customers. So glad to hear we can also offer this service using Perk Hero.”

Retail experts predict that market demand for contactless delivery will continue to grow long after the pandemic ends. It’s clear, they say, that consumers enjoy the convenience of having their groceries and other packages dropped off at their doorstep without direct in-person interaction, and the pandemic has accelerated that demand. Andrew Lipsman, author of Frictionless Commerce 2020, believes this trend is unlikely to abate.

“Perk Hero is well suited for this type of frictionless buying and contactless delivery,” said Hoyles. “We’re excited to add additional features for our customers when the time is right to enhance the virtual experience for diners and shoppers. Our frictionless platform compliments this whole new class of mobile and online transactions and lays the foundation for us to enable merchants to use our app for dropship delivery. It opens a world of potential for Perk Hero and its users and we’re ready to take advantage of new market trends as they arise.”

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