60 Ways to Increase Your Influence Online

Do you want your brand to stand out in a compelling and meaningful way?

Earlier this summer, The Influencer Project, the shortest a marketing conference ever at just one hour, asked 60 top online marketers to take only one minute and give at least one concise and valuable piece of advice.  While some of the advice was a no-brainer like get on Facebook, what resonated was that these 60 experts – all of whom have influence online – know what they’re talking about and were passionate about their one or two tips.  They had one minute to share their tip(s).

Sixty leaders. Sixty seconds each. Sixty ways to increase your online influence.

I found a quick summary of the list here.   I encourage you to read it, and choose two or three things you need to improve. You can even download the free mp3 and transcript. Maria Loscerbo