7 Stupid Reasons to Hire a PR Agency

I read an article in Entrepreneur.com that I wanted to share with you. Many of us PR folks had a good chuckle when we read this story and have been sharing it online with our fellow colleagues. Sadly it rings far  more true that many people realize!

For me, one of the advantages of working independently is that I have the freedom to work with people I like, and take on only projects that excite and interest me.  I’ve found more often than not that this formula works well and typically results in a successful, happy and symbiotic relationship agency-client relationship.

Occasionally I come across marketing managers and senior executives that want me to wave my magic wand and have them booked on Oprah in the first 30 days of working together. Fortunately I have the option of turning down projects (translation: kooky clients!)…and I do.

Here are 7 stupid reasons to hire a PR agency: http://bit.ly/9MpgEs

Maria Loscerbo