How to work with a PR firm: 15 do’s and 8 don’ts

Over the years I’ve worked with all kinds of clients — small, big, experienced, uninitiated.  The first thing I try to convey at the beginning of our relationship is that it is a partnership. This means we are given a seat at the table during important meetings and they respect and trust my counsel and creative ideas.  I often tell clients to think of me as an extension of their staff so that business/marketing/PR activities are closely integrated and aligned.

I also remind new clients that seeing results takes time - often up to three to six months before the ROI is apparent. We cannot command ink in a major newspaper overnight (well, we can and it’s called “advertising” and it costs a lot of money for typically very little ROI).  Building relationships and obtaining earned media coverage and online profile takes time.

Thirdly, when we are trying to get up-to-speed on your organization, the rule of thumb is “more information is better and as early as possible”.  At the very least, we should schedule regular updates to review strategies and discuss company news.

Here’s a blog post written I came across today that lists 15 do’s and 8 don’ts.  It’s a decent list of items for both parties to keep in mind.  Enjoy!  Maria Loscerbo