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30 Days of Sustainability




30 Days of Sustainability is Western Canada’s first major sustainability program promoting sustainable living. The non-profit group wanted to accelerate the uptake of sustainable living with British Columbians not just for 30 days but on a year-round basis.



Epic PR was retained in the program’s second year to create broader awareness of sustainable living in BC and engage citizens to take individual and collective action to be more environmentally conscious.



We devised a multi-pronged media relations strategy that focused on creating opportunities that would foster dialogue among diverse constituents and encourage citizens to integrate more sustainable living principles and practices in their every day lives. Epic PR coordinated a range of profile building initiatives to reach people with the 30 Days of Sustainability message than the previous year. We developed key messages; communication tools such as a press kit, news releases and bylined articles; a press conference with the Premier; a proactive media outreach campaign; community speaking events; a bylined articles program with community newspapers, and a series of “green tips” public service announcements on CTV.



Epic PR executed several successful media activities that resulted in widespread awareness of 30 Days of Sustainability across a broader geographic area than the launch year. Three highlights included: 1) a fireside chat press conference with Premier Gordon Campbell where youth ambassadors presented their sustainability vision; 2) an agreement with a group of 12 community newspapers to publish a series bylined green articles; 3) a series of public service announcements that focused on “green tips” with CTV News that aired for more than three weeks during prime time.